Mike and Jack start off with the news that The Rock won’t be playing Shazam, but will instead be playing his arch nemesis Black Adam. Does this casting choice make more sense? And will the most electrifying man in sports entertainment’s natural charisma work in establishes Black Adam as an anti-hero? The discussion then turns to Transformers, particularly Optimus Prime and how G1 Prime had an edge his most recent re-imaging from the Prime tv show did not.

The new Batmobile from Batman v Superman is unveiled, and its mixture of Nolan and classic stylings creates an odd mishmash. The new Fantastic Four movie is also discussed as the new Dr. Doom costume is leaked…and it gives Jack nightmares!

The discussion comes back around to Transformers as in-hand pictures of Masterpiece Wheeljack are released, along with correctly transformed images of MP Star Sabre that gets Jack to re-evaluate the latter.

Jack returns to the role of the Bad Movie Public Defender as he defends Howard the Duck, a film Mike claims deserves every bit of scorn it receives for showing a romantic relationship between a duck and a human. Is the film trash? Or is Mike an intolerant trans-speciest bigot? YOU DECIDE!

Mike and Jack wrap the show up with some more World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor discussion. Are garrisons becoming to important to the story and gameplay? And are more customization options the answer when the whole thing’s going to be forgotten about by the next expansion anyway?


Will Roger Goodell’s mishandling of the Ray Rice situation have long term ramifications for the NFL? How will if affect sponsors? Will ratings suffer? Has the league reached it’s tipping point? The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are the best team in baseball - just like we predicted back in March.  The Texas Rangers are so bad that they trail the lowly Houston Astros. Zach’s Tabs, and all the usual BASS-type stuff. 


This week on BASS: Zach fills us in on life at “The Beach.” Was Jake Plummer better than we remember? Domed stadiums and why hospitals killed the Montreal Expos and Quebec Nordiques. Most 90’s uniforms are awful. We quickly mark the two year anniversary of Basically a Sports Show. Zach likens our More Like Radio era (where we had either 110,000 or 26 listeners) to the Islanders “fish stick” uniforms. “Celery Man” and why Brandiose really needs to do a comic book. NHL expansion plans - can Toronto support two NHL teams? A lightning round of Zach’s Tabs, and all the usual BASS-type stuff. In honor of our two year anniversary, episode #243 wraps up with a “highlight reel” revisiting the first couple months of Basically a Sports Show. 


Jack starts off the thirtieth episode of the eight wonder of the world by giving us his thoughts on the new Doctor Who season as someone who doesn’t consider himself a fan. He then transitions into a spirited rant against the Lizard Squad, a group of hackers who took down Blizzard’s Battle.Net, the PlayStation 4 network, Riot Games’ network, and ALS Foundation’s website.

Mike and Jack talk some Transformers as they discuss the future of the Masterpiece line with figure #24, Star Sabre, the Autobot Dark Paladin. The Premium Edition of Silver Knight Optimus Prime hits shelves and to the surprise of everyone it’s actually painted!

Two financially successful sequels, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, have both had their third instalments pushed back despite strong showings at the box office. Are Hollywood blockbusters entering a down period? And is Sony trying to get water from a stone as they attempt to use Spider-Man to compete with the multi-franchise studios like Marvel, DC, and Fox?

Mike finishes things up by talking about the upcoming WWE Night of Champions PPV. John Cena gets his rematch with Brock Lesnar. Will WWE give Cena his win back and flush away a huge money making opportunity?


It’s a grab-bag episode of the eighth wonder of the world as Mike and Jack review various movies and television premiers.

Mike finally sees Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He and Jack have a more in-depth discussion about the film and whether or not it deserves the scorn it’s getting. Is the CGI ugly? Was the story terribly plotted? Is Megan Fox a disaster?

Mike gives his thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy. Was it the shark jumping film he thought it would be or did it live up to the standards Marvel has set for themselves? What does this mean for Ant-Man? And how does this bode for potential Black Widow and Hawkeye movies? 

Mike talks some Doctor Who as he reviews the first episode of Series 8 and gives his thoughts on Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, as well as what he thinks about the direction of the season thus far.

Mike and Jack finish things up as Jack talks reviews the premier episode of NBC’s new Constantine series and the two discuss supernatural television shows in general, including Lifetime’s new series Damion, based off of The Omen! The two agree that nothing tops the X-Files.


This week on BASS: Jesse Ventura nominates Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for President resulting in an actual civil discussion of politics. The Cleveland Browns are terrible and will continue to be terrible. Penalty flags are flying fast and furious in NFL preseason games. Your favorite band can play the Super Bowl halftime show - provided they’re willing to pay for the privilege. Has the NFL finally reached it’s tipping point? Greg’s Ottawa REDBLACKS finally embrace plaid - and it kinda works. Nike doesn’t know how to make a midnight green jersey. No one seems to know how to fix the San Jose Sharks. Zach’s Tabs, and all the usual BASS-type stuff.