BAGS is back to talk about Fox’s new show Gotham! Unfortunately Mike doesn’t think it’s very good. Stiff dialogue, forced plot points, and a lack of chemistry between everyone kills off what potential the concepts on display have. Jack just thinks the entire thing is pointless.

Speaking of pointless, the forces behind the third film in the rebooted Star Trek franchise hint at the possibility of bringing Shatner back to play an older version of Kirk to play off of Christopher Pine’s younger version of the character. Nostalgia aside…is this good for a franchise that should be standing on its own two feet by this point?

In more positive news Fox has given the go-ahead to a Deadpool movie and Jack is ecstatic! Does Deadpool have what it takes to breath new life into the superhero genre or is the concept just too self-referential for the general audience?

We switch over to video games as Blizzard Entertainment announces the cancellation of their six plus year long project, codenamed Titan. What does this mean for the future of World of Warcraft? And does this have anything to do with Activision’s new game, Destiny?

Speaking of World of Warcraft, Blizzard released the cinematics for the first six zones of the new expansion Warlords of Draenor. What do they mean? What do they imply? And most importantly, with Thrall finally leave us alone?


ESPN suspends Bill Simmons. Why was Simmons suspended for saying the same thing Keith Olbermann has been saying for the past month? Roger Goodell’s press conference was a waste of time. Zach wonders if Derek Jeter’s game winning hit in the Yankee captain’s last game at Yankee Stadium was a little too perfect. Our MLB playoff predictions. Zach’s Tabs and all the usual BASS-type stuff.


Basically a Geek Show returns to talk about the Star Wars film franchise. Is an Obi Wan prequel film in the works? Will audiences pay to see him sit around in the desert for 16 years as he waits for Luke to grow up? BAGS discusses another dubious movie prospect as producers hail the upcoming Venom film as being “dark.” Can a villain-centric comic book movie work? And is aping the Dark Knight formula the way to go?

Marvel announces that The Vision will be added to the cast of Avengers 2: Age of Ulton. Is Vision going to serve as an upgraded form for Tony Stark’s computer butler JARVIS? More importantly, will he crowd an already crowded character roster?

Mike and Jack then turn their attention to kickstarter indy productions. An independent Nightwing mini series is in the works as the trailer is discussed. While it looks promising it seems as if the villain, Deathstroke, is being written as a weird mix of the Nolan-verse’s Joker and Bane. Mike and Jack also discuss the fan-produced Star Trek short “Prelude to Axanar.” Can these fan-made productions influence the official stories?”

A new Dracula movie is in the works, one that attempts to blend Bram Stoker’s famous vampire tale with the historical exploits of Vlad III. Is this enough to save the vampire movie? Or has the Twilight series just done to much damage?

Mike and Jack wrap things up with the cavalcade of failure that is the WWE Network. Rumours swirl that WWE and Warner Brothers are in talks for Warner to buy a substantial portion of the WWE tape library, the backbone of the Network. Has WWE given up the ghost? What’s WB buying? Could we see a return of WCW assets to the Turner family of companies?


It just keeps getting worse for Roger Goodell and the NFL. It’s been 10 years since we lost an NHL season to the lock out. The Columbus Blue Jackets are playing hardball with one of their best players. Teemu Selanne has some harsh words for his former coach. Believe it or not, there are some good things happening in sports. Zach’s Tabs and all the usual BASS-type stuff.


Season 2: Episode #4 - The Steve Fuller Edition

The Adrian Peterson situation. Week two in the NFL. Week three in college football. The Big Ten may be on the outside looking in at the first College Football Playoff.


Mike and Jack start off with the news that The Rock won’t be playing Shazam, but will instead be playing his arch nemesis Black Adam. Does this casting choice make more sense? And will the most electrifying man in sports entertainment’s natural charisma work in establishes Black Adam as an anti-hero? The discussion then turns to Transformers, particularly Optimus Prime and how G1 Prime had an edge his most recent re-imaging from the Prime tv show did not.

The new Batmobile from Batman v Superman is unveiled, and its mixture of Nolan and classic stylings creates an odd mishmash. The new Fantastic Four movie is also discussed as the new Dr. Doom costume is leaked…and it gives Jack nightmares!

The discussion comes back around to Transformers as in-hand pictures of Masterpiece Wheeljack are released, along with correctly transformed images of MP Star Sabre that gets Jack to re-evaluate the latter.

Jack returns to the role of the Bad Movie Public Defender as he defends Howard the Duck, a film Mike claims deserves every bit of scorn it receives for showing a romantic relationship between a duck and a human. Is the film trash? Or is Mike an intolerant trans-speciest bigot? YOU DECIDE!

Mike and Jack wrap the show up with some more World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor discussion. Are garrisons becoming to important to the story and gameplay? And are more customization options the answer when the whole thing’s going to be forgotten about by the next expansion anyway?


Will Roger Goodell’s mishandling of the Ray Rice situation have long term ramifications for the NFL? How will if affect sponsors? Will ratings suffer? Has the league reached it’s tipping point? The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are the best team in baseball - just like we predicted back in March.  The Texas Rangers are so bad that they trail the lowly Houston Astros. Zach’s Tabs, and all the usual BASS-type stuff.