The Kansas City Royals are going to the World Series. Does it matter that the “best” teams in baseball aren’t in the World Series? Does MLB need to change it’s playoff format? The Florida Panthers have, to put it mildly, some attendance issues. The Toronto media has given up on the Maple Leafs - four games into the season. The Edmonton Oilers and Buffalo Sabres may be historically awful. is awesome. Arturs Irbe’s pads and old goalie talk. Will Mike suspend his NFL boycott if his Chargers make the Super Bowl? Zach’s Tabs, and all the usual BASS-type stuff. 


The state of Mississippi remains at the center of the College Football universe - and has the top ranked team in the country. UCLA is finally where they belong in the Top 25 poll. J.J. Watt is the best defensive player in the NFL. Are the Cleveland Browns actually a decent team? Aaron Rogers and the Packers get really lucky against the Miami Dolphins And all the rest of the action from week 6 in the NFL and week 7 in College Football. 


BAGS 35 runs up against a whole lot of news dropping very quickly.

On the Transformers front, Hasbro’s Hub network is done, as Discovery takes over a majority stake in the channel and renames it Discovery Family. Hasbro continues on as a minority owner and pledges to provide programming from 9 am to 3 pm but announces their flagship show, Transformers: Robots in Disguise, will air on competitor Cartoon Network.

Marvel announces that Captain America and Thor may be left out of Avengers 3 and in an attempt to keep the actors under contract for more solo films. What does this mean for Avengers 3, which is being built up as the ultimate showdown of the Marvel cinematic universe? 

Fox announces plans for a live-action X-Men show following the conclusion of their upcoming film X-Men: Age of Apocalypse. Does X-Men’s large roster of characters make it a perfect fit for the small screen or will the confines of television doom it to seeing small and cheap?

That roster of characters won’t get any larger, however, as Marvel announces that X-Men writers are barred from adding any more characters to the long running comic book series. Marvel additionally announces that the Fantastic Four series has been cancelled. Both decisions have been made in an attempt to strike out against Fox, who owns the film rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises.

Sony continues to flail miserably in an attempt to craft a cinematic universe to rival Marvel’s. Spider-Man 3 has been put on hold indefinitely as the Venom movie is cancelled. Sony considers rebooting the Spider-Man franchise yet again with their Sinister Six movie, apparently scrapping the Amazing Spider-Man series after just two films.

In addition to that Sony is investigating two other sources for a potential cinematic universe. The first would be a series of Robin Hood films based on the legendary outlaw. The plan would be to use the cast of Robin Hood and his Merry Men as heroes in their own stories to lead to a team-up that would act as a sort of medieval Avengers outing.

The second is the long-dormant Ghotbusters franchise. A simple reboot is off the table as Sony and writer/actor Dan Aykroyd talk about a whole franchise ranging from “Ghostbusters at 9 years old” to “Ghostbusters in high school.”


A BASS style NHL preview. Who is the heaviest team in the NHL? The tallest? Youngest? Oldest? Our playoff and Stanley Cup predictions. More MLB playoff talk. Sabermetrics takes another beating. Why do so many people hate the St. Louis Cardinals? And all the usual BASS-type stuff.


After a chaotic week 6, Mississippi is the center of the College Football universe. The top ten gets completely rearranged. Alabama might want to start taking the kicking game a little more seriously. Florida State is still ranked #1, but are they they best team in the nation? The BAFS poll says no. One win over Oregon and Arizona goes from unranked to #10?

In the NFL, the Cleveland Browns pull off a record comeback. The Patriots aren’t finished just yet. The Saints are just a bad team. Are the Bengals still the same old Bengals? Thursday games are awful. All that and more on this week’s episode of BAFS.


Mike and Jack kick things off to talk about an absurd movie called Exodus: Gods and Kings. Christian Bale plays Moses in an attempt to turn the Biblical book of Exodus into a 300 clone. Is Moses the hero the Jews deserve? Or just the one they need right now?

Speaking of Batman, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set photos leaked, suggesting that a wave of anti-Superman protests pops up in the wake of the events of Man of Steel. Is this fitting or a betrayal of the Batman/Superman dynamic that has defined their relationship since the 80s?

Transformers takes centre-stage for a bit as Mike reviews Leader Jetfire and Deluxe Windblade. Is Jetfire a fulfilling update of a G1 classic? Does Windblade, the fan-built bot, live up the hype surrounding her creation and smash-hit comic series?

Staying with Transformers, leaks of the Grimlock figure from the new Robots in Disguise series have leaked. What do Mike and Jack thing about this new addition to a series they’re already lukewarm about?

BAGS tries out a new segment where Mike and Jack just bs about movies they claim are overrated. First on the chopping block? Citizen Kane and the Godfather!

BAGS 34 comes to a close as Mike discusses the WWE Network’s effect on the in-ring WWE product. PPVs are now being produced with the $9.99 price point in mind rather then the $54.99. What does this mean for the quality of WWE PPVs going forward?


The Kansas City Royals beat both the Oakland A’s and Ned Yost in a classic playoff (play in?) game to advance to the ALDS. Sabermetrics can explain everything except why the A’s always lose in the playoffs. Will there be “new blood” in this year’s World Series? Or will it end up being the usual suspects? The FCC wants to fine broadcasters for saying Redskins. The Tampa Bay Lightning debut their new alternate jersey. Zach’s Tabs, and all the usual BASS-type stuff. 


BAGS is back to talk about Fox’s new show Gotham! Unfortunately Mike doesn’t think it’s very good. Stiff dialogue, forced plot points, and a lack of chemistry between everyone kills off what potential the concepts on display have. Jack just thinks the entire thing is pointless.

Speaking of pointless, the forces behind the third film in the rebooted Star Trek franchise hint at the possibility of bringing Shatner back to play an older version of Kirk to play off of Christopher Pine’s younger version of the character. Nostalgia aside…is this good for a franchise that should be standing on its own two feet by this point?

In more positive news Fox has given the go-ahead to a Deadpool movie and Jack is ecstatic! Does Deadpool have what it takes to breath new life into the superhero genre or is the concept just too self-referential for the general audience?

We switch over to video games as Blizzard Entertainment announces the cancellation of their six plus year long project, codenamed Titan. What does this mean for the future of World of Warcraft? And does this have anything to do with Activision’s new game, Destiny?

Speaking of World of Warcraft, Blizzard released the cinematics for the first six zones of the new expansion Warlords of Draenor. What do they mean? What do they imply? And most importantly, with Thrall finally leave us alone?


ESPN suspends Bill Simmons. Why was Simmons suspended for saying the same thing Keith Olbermann has been saying for the past month? Roger Goodell’s press conference was a waste of time. Zach wonders if Derek Jeter’s game winning hit in the Yankee captain’s last game at Yankee Stadium was a little too perfect. Our MLB playoff predictions. Zach’s Tabs and all the usual BASS-type stuff.